"Thank you for an amazing 4 years....."  Read More

"Thank you for a wonderful first year at SnoSprings!......"  Read More

"The reason I am writing this email is because your school is a very special place.  I think there are many parents driving by each day that have no idea that the education they are seeking for their kids is right in their backyard. I am not sure how to accomplish it, but there must be a way to let parents know about the incredible opportunity you are offering at Snosprings. I have shared our experience with many of my friends who live in the area, and most of them have no idea that the school is there, let alone the quality of education and small classes you provide. If only all kids had the opportunity to get such an wonderful education..."  We LOVE being part of SnoSprings School. My boys are so happy to go to school each day and I love how much they are learning academically and socially. My son's teachers, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Ward, are AMAZING.  After working in the boys classroom in both Preschool and PreK at Bear Creek, I know how much love, dedication and hard work it takes to be the kind of teacher that makes a lasting impression in a child's life.  I can tell by the way my two boys talk about their teachers at SnoSprings School that they are doing a fabulous job." H.G.

"Extending SnoSprings’ reach to more kids can only help the community, since the philosophy of the school, as well as the style of the teaching staff is so positive, progressive, and education-based, without all of the politics of public education these days!  Congratulations!  We look forward to the expansion!" C.C.

"Robert Y. and his brother Arthur Y. just performed the piano in the concert at Carnegie Wells Hall in New York. We would like to share the video link below and convey our thanks for your support and the good memories at SnoSprings. We appreciate your support!! SnoSprings school was the first step of Robert and Arthur entering into the academic world. They have the very beautiful and joyful memories of SnoSprings. Our family appreciates SnoSprings for it's loving, inspiring, high-standard educational environment. Thank you all!" F.Y.

Robert plays Liszt.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Liaionw0jCs&feature=em-share_video_user

Arthur plays Bach   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJAQqmb0HPU&feature=em-share_video_user

"Last night’s musical program was amazing. It’s hard to believe they are only 4-8 years old. To say that Ryan enjoyed himself would be an understatement. He woke me up at 6AM and said “Mommy, is there going to be another Songfest?” He was clearly sad that it was all over. He said he truly enjoyed being on stage and wanted to do it again." S.F.

"Although it was immediately clear to me that your school was a very special place, I could never have imagined the huge difference you and your school would make in our lives in such a short time. After a very discouraging experience elsewhere, you gave our happy and confident daughter back to us. She has thrived in both her Kindergarten and first grade classes." D.W.

"Throughout the year we have seen Haley’s confidence grow and now she is able to conquer anything she wants …she enjoys reading the books that interest her… While driving in the car we give her words to spell and most often she spells them correct. It has truly been amazing to see everything she has learned this year." L.A.

"You have created a thirst in Cooper that we just hadn’t seen prior to joining your school.  Every day, literally, has been an adventure for him. He leaps out of the car in the morning eager for all that is ahead and he leaps into the car in the afternoon anxious to share it all with us." S.B.

"Your practice of having the students say something they are proud of, followed directly by “compliment time” emphasizes some very important life skills and brings even more coherence to the class." L.J.

"Your high expectations and unwavering belief in the children, allows them to learn so much." K.K.

"Nicholas wakes up every morning with a smile on his face anxious to get to school.  What a perfect foundation for the many years of learning to come. His love for math and reading has gone way beyond our hopes and expectations." K.R.

"We are particularly impressed with Lizzie’s ability to write.  We love to read her journal entries and the little one-page stories that she brings home are always full of something interesting or charming. Thank you for developing her ability to write independently." J.W.F.

"Curriculum is excellent as are the materials and activities." L.A.

"...much improved attitude about school - expanded vocabulary and motivated to learn" C.B.

"...extremely safe and secure facility...easy pickup and drop-off, classrooms always clean and well organized." K.T.

"...small class size (14-18 students), beautiful building and natural setting for play,...reasonable tuition, warm friendly and cozy feeling." M.M.

"...teaching style is very nurturing yet challenging with high expectations." C.F.