Dear Prospective SnoSprings Parents:

Thank you for your interest in Snoqualmie Springs School. “SnoSprings” provides an accelerated academic program for Full Day Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grades. Our goal is to encourage each child to develop a love for learning and perform at their maximum potential. Teaching strategies are challenging and yet nurturing offering patience and compassion for each student.

The campus is nestled in a forest of evergreens and gardens. The rustic log school house and expansive playgrounds are exceptionally clean, safe and inviting. The frontier style buildings are well equipped with the latest curriculum materials and computer technology. This unique setting provides an inviting “warm and cozy” learning environment where the children thrive in all of their endeavors.. 

Applications are allocated upon seat availability and first priority is given to existing families, then alumni families and finally, families that are new to the school, first come first serve. Applications do not guarantee enrollment.

The annual tuition for the 2018-2019, 180 day academic school year is $14,750 for all day Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd Grade. The full day program is six hours in length, Monday thru Friday.

The application process at SnoSprings School involves the following steps and documentation:

Step 1

Parent tour and prospective student meeting with a SnoSprings teacher.  Please contact Joe Drovetto at or 425-392-1196 to schedule a tour.

Step 2 

Complete application packet including:

  • Completion of the online registration forms

  • Receipt of a student evaluation from current teacher or childcare provider. Letters of assessment are confidential and must be mailed or faxed directly to SnoSprings school. They cannot be received from the parents.

  • Receipt of a complete and signed state certificate of immunization.

  • Receipt of a copy of child’s birth certificate or passport.

Upon completion of Step One and Two the parents will receive one of the following notifications:  approved for admissions, approved for waitlist or denied.

Step 3

If your child is approved for admissions you will need to make a decision to accept the offer or pass to another student on the waitlist.  If you accept the offer you must provide the following.

  • Receipt of a signed financial agreement.

  • Receipt of nonrefundable $960.00 registration / material fee. This fee must be submitted within 10 days of receiving your approval notice.

  • Receipt of nonrefundable last month $1475.00 tuition deposit. The deposit must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your notice.

All students accepted at Snoqualmie Springs School are considered bound and registered for the entire length of the academic school year.  Parents are expected to make a financial commitment for the year. Absence from school due to illness or personal vacation will not be awarded tuition fee credit. This enables the school to make long term plans, teacher employment commitments and offer a fixed tuition rate structure for all families.

Thank you again for your interest in our “Foundation Education” program. Please contact me if you have any additional questions.  We hope to see you enroll your child for the new school year.


Joe Drovetto

Chief Administrator