Our History

OPEN DOORS FOR Over 20 Years

In March, 1998 Laura and Joe Drovetto purchased an existing five bedroom four bathroom, bed and breakfast with the intentions of converting it into an all day Kindergarten School. After obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, the doors opened on September 7, 1998 and class began for the first students at SnoSprings School. The school started with a class of three Kindergarten students which eventually grew to a maximum of 12 students within four months. The classroom was located in the current library media center. The remainder of the building was being used as a residence. Over a three year period, the existing facility went through a series of renovation projects. These modifications and improvements permitted a change of building use from residential to commercial “school”. This effort permitted the use of the entire facility for educational purposes.

Of course, there is more to starting a school than just opening a building. Application and acquisition of State Department of Education approval, regional accreditation, professional affiliation membership, finding and employing a dedicated teaching team and developing and maintaining our highly respected reputation is an ongoing process. Each year these efforts provide an opportunity for self-examination of our school and continuous improvement of our processes, curriculum, teaching techniques and facilities.

Today we see ourselves as a close, family oriented, student-centered school. In that closeness, we find the ability to see the individual student and try to meet his or her needs. While our program is aimed at the average and above-average student, we have, over the years, reached out to serve those who may, in one way or another, be challenged in some areas of their learning. We provide an opportunity for a strong foundation in basic skills and seek to help each child develop a feeling of confidence and self-worth. The school respects the beliefs of children of all cultures and faiths and encourages all students to follow the traditional commitments of their own families. We are, in every sense, dedicated to our students, their growth, and their future.

Much work always remains as a school plans for its future. The staff and parents continue to provide suggestions and plans for continuous improvement of the academic program and take action to see that the visions become reality. The actions of our school community are conducted on a level that reflects professionalism and personal concern. At all times, the ultimate mission is the highest quality education for the young children attending Snoqualmie Springs School now and in the future.

Snoqualmie Springs School

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