2024- 2025 Enrichment & Extended Care

  • 2024 – 2025 Enrichment Cub Clubs are offered 3:00 – 4:30pm  Students register for classes 3 times per year and sessions last 11-13 weeks. Please see below for more information.
  • 2024 – 2025 Extended Care is offered from 4:30 to 6:00pm  Students must be attending a Cub Club on the same day.  No reservation is necessary.
  • Additional fees apply for all extended care and enrichment options.  Please see the Admission/Fees page for more information.




We offer a wide variety of after-school clubs at SnoSprings School. They give our students an opportunity to participate in activities without having to travel to another location. These offerings change from year to year based on student interest. Registration for Cub Club is offered 3 times per school year. A flyer will be sent home with your student that shows what clubs will be offered that session, and directions about how to sign up will be provided.

Some of our Cub Club topics include:

Literacy & STEM – Join us each week for interactive English literacy, science, technology, engineering and math activities! Students will engage in fun, tactile, cooperative learning. These activities are designed to help kids develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Hip Hop Dance – designed to help boys and girls gain an appreciation of various high energy, international dances in a fun and positive setting. It builds self-confidence, coordination, physical fitness, aerobic stamina and an appreciation for various ethnic rhythms. Costumes and props are used to enhance the experience.

Science Club – (Topics change each session) join us for a journey exploring physics with wheels and gears, levers, light and color, magnets, and more! Each session will include exploration of the subject, visuals, and something to take home to show what we learned.

Arts & Crafts – Students will gain an appreciation for famous artists that have had an impact on the world around us. They will explore drawing, painting other mixed media as well as 3D crafts like candles and dream catchers. Instruction is delivered using a step by step method along with creative freedom.

Theater – Students will explore various aspects of acting, using classic children’s books as our inspiration. We will be creating whimsical characters using creative dramatics, music, simple props, costumes, art and movement, while exploring the fun world of theatre.

Chinese Language – Students will practice language skills including: listening, speaking, reading and writing /drawing pictographs. Classes are taught by instructors from Mandarin Playground.

Sports Sampler – Students are introduced to basic skills and fundamentals of soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and track and field events. Participants will practice a series of ball handling drills and exercises to develop coordination and an appreciation for various sports. They also develop vital life lessons such as respect, teamwork and responsibility all in a fun and positive environment.

Music & Rhythm – Music Club helps students build self-confidence as performers and players and serves as a preparatory study for a child who may want to play piano or other percussion instruments. Students will learn how to play quarter notes, eighth notes, quarter, half and whole rests, accented beats and ostinatos. They will learn to read rhythms and practice playing them on rhythm instruments.

Drawing – Have fun while learning to draw in realistic, graphic and abstract styles! Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes teach new, seasonally-inspired lessons every session that explore artistic fundamentals. Every month includes an exciting lesson in Art History. Media includes pencil, color pencils, Sharpies, and markers. We provide all supplies and a trained instructor. Everyone can learn to draw. We will teach you how!

Chess – Chess club will help students build confidence, sportsmanship, critical thinking and have fun through the game of chess. A typical class includes a lesson on a particular topic, then practice against their peers using fun variant chess games or puzzles.

Coding & Robotics – Students will explore different coding applications including: Code-a-Pillar and Coding for Kids.

Painting – Students will gain an appreciation for a variety of creative art mediums as well as introduce them to famous artists that impact society and the world. Students will explore painting and mixed media. Instruction is delivered using a step by step drawing & painting method along with creative freedom.

Violin – Students will refine skills in holding the violin and bow, basics of finger placement and music literacy, while playing fun songs and music games.

Cartooning – Learn to illustrate exciting cartoon imagery filled with dynamic characters and expressive personalities. You will develop visual story-telling skills by drawing humorous sequential images. Young Rembrandts will teach new lessons every session that are both educational and FUN! Media includes pencils, Sharpies, and markers.

Karate – The Karate Club will help children gain an appreciation for life skills including respect, leadership, integrity, goal setting, self-discipline and academic excellence, to name a few. It will build self-confidence, coordination, physical fitness and an awareness about stranger safety. Topics include basic etiquette, basic techniques, and combinations or combos.

LEGO STEM – Students will create engineering master pieces using their own creative imagination along with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts. Students will transform common Lego bricks into amazing structures. All bricks remain property of SnoSprings School.

Fun With Food – Students will learn the basic fundamentals of cooking and baking. The students will organize ingredients, measure and follow recipe instructions. They will create masterpieces including seasonal healthy snacks and fun treats. They will frost cookies, make individual fruit salads, and other delicious treats!

Recorder – students will be able to take tests on recorder belts, get special help, and work on recorder solos, duets and trios to be performed during club time.

Crafts – Students will create an assortment of craft projects using beads. They will express their creativity while working on their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and following patterns to complete their projects, such as key chains, pins, & bracelets.

Gardening – Garden club will give your children the chance to get their hands in the earth, plant seeds, and be part of cultivating their own mini garden. They will learn the importance of insects and recycling. They will decorate their garden with wind chimes and develop a love for gardening.

Mini Olympics – Students are introduced to track and field events. Participants will be exposed to various exercises and skills which will be used in a collection of mini Olympic Games to develop coordination and an appreciation for fun physical activity. Respect, teamwork & responsibility will be developed in an encouraging and fun environment.


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