Snoqualmie Springs School’s curriculum goes deep into key concepts in math, science and English language arts, following “Common Core” grade level standards outlined by the Washington State Superintendent of Public and Private Instruction. Common Core is a real-world approach to learning and teaching, developed by education experts from 45 states.

Common Core Curriculum Provides:

  • Consistent learning expectations for all students.
  • Clear standards that focus on understanding over-memorization.
  • Emphasis on the critical topics students need to succeed.
  • Fast testing results with focused online assessment systems in reading (Accelerated Reader) math (IXL) and keyboarding (Edutyping for K-2nd grade).

 In addition to the Core elements, SnoSprings students develop an appreciation of the arts, music, physical fitness and good citizenship. The school also respects the diverse population that we serve and encourages families to share their cultural heritage and traditions as enrichment to our social studies curriculum.

The school curriculum meets and exceeds state essential learning and national standards to assure a solid foundation education. The primary grade level curriculum encourages and develops self-confidence and creativity.

2019 Winter SongFest

2019 Spring SongFest

SnoSprings School recognizes that music is an important part of a child’s education. We believe that music education fosters community, cooperation and confidence in all students. For these reasons, SnoSprings students attend music class twice a week. Our music program aims to teach the children to understand the elements and concepts of music through a variety of fun activities.

  • From the very beginning, our K-Prep students learn fundamentals of rhythm and beat through a variety of percussion instruments and rhythmic speaking all leading to melodic learning.
  • Beginning in Kindergarten, our students learn the basics of note reading through learning to play the soprano recorder. We utilize Barb Phillipak’s Recorder Karate curriculum to motivate students to improve their musical skills.
  • First graders continue on their journey through recorder karate and begin to play duets.
  • Second graders learn to play the alto and sopranino recorders and perform musical trios.
  • All students learn to sing in a variety of languages and are exposed to music, folkdance and culture from around the world.

The SnoSprings community showcases its musical talent through two Songfests (Winter and Spring) that highlight the musical learning at each level. Additional performances are held throughout the year.





The computer curriculum at Snoqualmie Springs School is designed to expand our students understanding of technology (hardware & software) and to support and enhance the curriculum taught in our classrooms. Internet safety and responsibility are also introduced in an age-appropriate manner.

K-Prep students are first introduced to our touch screen tablets.  Skills they learn in their classroom, including recognition of numbers, letters, sight words, music and Spanish curriculum are reinforced using educational applications.  Fine motor coordination is practiced through tracing letters and numbers, and creativity is encouraged. Laptops are introduced the second half of the school year and K-Prep students will learn beginning keyboarding skills and practice using a mouse.

*K-Prep & Kindergarten Coding & Robotics is offered as an optional afterschool enrichment class during the second and/or third trimester.  Students will be introduced to basic coding concepts and practice them using, Scratch Jr, and Code-a-Pillar.  Blockly is used to program Dash Robots and students experiment with MIP and other remote controlled technology.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students concentrate on acquiring beginning technology skills with a strong focus on developing mouse, and word processing skills. Students will experiment with changing font sizes, styles and colors as well as learn how to insert, size, and position clipart / images, add page borders, and save documents. Students will also explore their creativity with the art programs provided on our computers and tablets. Typing Instructor for Kids is our keyboarding program and it provides a fun way for kids to learn how to type efficiently.  IXL is used to practice and reinforce math concepts throughout the year, and the 1st grade students work on coding projects in Scratch.

2nd graders will utilize their foundation in typing and word processing to expand into more diverse skill sets including spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, internet research, and programming logic with Scratch and  They will continue to practice their math, reading, Spanish, art and music skills using our laptops and tablets while exploring new applications and programs carefully selected to challenge them.


The Spanish Curriculum at SnoSprings School uses the Periquitos Spanish Program.  Learning a second (or third) language is a great way for children to develop their awareness of the world and increase their learning skills and overall capacity.  Research proves that we start developing the foundations for thinking, language, vision, attitudes, aptitudes, and other characteristics at a very young age.  In Periquitos, we focus on having your children experience and learn Spanish from the very first lesson.  

 In our program, we follow the Total Physical Response (TPR) approach.  Your children will learn Spanish through songs, body gestures, stories, colorful visual aids, and games.  Classes focus on thematic units making activities relevant to real life.  Our daily routines are interactive and encourage your children to listen, speak, look, touch, sing, play, create and move.   

 At Snosprings School, our students attend Spanish classes twice a week.  We, also, offer optional Mandarin Chinese language classes in our after school program taught by Mandarin Playground. 




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