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Snoqualmie Springs School's curriculum goes deep into key concepts in math, science and English language arts, following "Common Core" grade level standards outlined by the Washington State Superintendent of Public and Private Instruction. Common Core is a real-world approach to learning and teaching, developed by education experts from 45 states.

 Common Core Curriculum Provides:

  •  Consistent learning expectations for all students.

  •  Clear standards that focus on understanding over-memorization.

  •  Emphasis on the critical topics students need to succeed.

  •  Fast testing results with focused online assessment systems in reading (Accelerated Reader) math (IXL) and keyboarding (Typing Instructor for Kids K-2nd grade).

In addition to the Core elements, SnoSprings students develop an appreciation of the arts, music, physical fitness and good citizenship.  The school also respects the diverse population that we serve and encourages families to share their cultural heritage and traditions as enrichment to our social studies curriculum.

Curriculum Resources (Math, Science and Language Arts Curriculum updated annually)
The school curriculum meets and exceeds state essential learnings and national standards to assure a solid foundation education.  The primary grade level curriculum encourages and develops self-confidence and creativity. 

SnoSprings School is committed to blending technology into the curriculum to provide students with the skills and experiences necessary to prepare them for the future.  All K-2 classroom teachers have a computer, document camera and projector.  In addition, the 1st and 2nd grade classrooms have Hatachi LCD projectors, the latest in interactive ultrashort throw projection systems.  Pre-K through 2nd grade students are assigned their own laptop and tablet in the computer lab.  They learn the basic components of a computer, identify various computer programs, start and exit programs properly, navigate various award winning learning programs and produce art work, graphics and documents.  They also use the computer to access their own secure web-based, Accelerated Reader account reading assessment programs and IXL Learning online math facts, story problems, activities and assessment.

Performing Arts
Students learn songs and dance routines that culminate into a number of special events each year.  Parents, siblings, friends and relatives all look forward to attending these programs and celebrating in the festivities. They include:

  • Halloween Parade

  • Winter Songfest and Holiday Celebration

  • Chinese New Year

  • St. Valentine's Day

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • 100 Day Parade

  • Spanish Fiesta

  • Spring Musical

  • 50s Dress n Dance

  • The Patriotic Graduation Celebration

  • Native American Folk Art, Snoqualmie Tribe

Field trips and distinguished guest speakers are important elements of the SnoSprings curriculum.

An average of one field trip, every 2 months, is taken to locations such as: Pacific Science Center, University of Washington, School of Forestry, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Aquarium, Kirkland Performance Center, Seattle Children's Theater, Jubilee Farms, Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, Museum of Flight, and other locations of special importance and interest to the families of SnoSprings School.

Daily Values
The entire staff of SnoSprings School are committed to the promotion of love and respect, modeling social behavior, leadership, listening, critical thinking, self-appreciation, self-motivation, self-direction, self-esteem, self-expression, good citizenship and etiquette.